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Aggiornamento: 28 mar 2020

Lockdown Locanda Castellina

Restaurant Tabs

We are in a lockdown, but this does not mean you can’t have amazing lunch / dinner with us.

Times are tough and the wallets are shrinking.

For this reason, we have created and introduced four types of pre-purchased coupons that will get you above value on your spend.

€ 50 gets € 55 - 10% more value

€ 100 gets € 120 - 20% more value

€ 500 gets € 600 - 25% more value

€ 1000 gets € 1300 - 30% more value

Can be used on Food and Wine purchases, while our restaurant Locanda Castellina will open again, after the emergency for the COVID19.

(Not to be used in conjunction with other offers) -- PAYMENT METHODS: 1) By PayPal Directly on our website: locandacastellina.com/reservations with an additional discount at check-out, exclusively reserved for PayPal payments, by entering the code: TABS

Just after the operation, a pro invoice will be immediately sent.

IMPORTANT: After making your reservation, be sure to "confirm receipt of the order" in your Payéal account.

It is important because we have just activated a new commercial account and PayPal could hold back the payment until the order is confirmed by the customer / buyer. 2) By Bank Transfer If you prefere to pay by bank transfer, just copy and paste the following data:

IBAN: IT05N0501803000000012152831



The receipt / invoice will be issued and sent to your e-mail, within 48 hours from receipt of payment

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