Dear friends, customers, guests and travel companions..

Dear friends, customers, guests and travel companions, Please read carefully and do without hesitation all the criticisms and comments that you deem appropriate, both publicly and privately. Thanks for your attention..

The Locanda Castellina, in these 4 years has made the choice of fresh and excellent raw materials and the express and traditional direction of its cuisine and the management of the cellar, absolute firm points. Thanks to this commitment, today it occupies an objectively relevant position in the choices of loyal local guests, as well as foreigners who pass through these parts.

I think and hope the situation we are facing does not need many explanations. Like many of our colleagues and friends, we find ourselves stuck on a dead track that takes away resources and energy day after day.

But we must and want to react. We have the duty and the right to fight and try to resist.

Many of you have advised us in good faith, to launch ourselves into the cauldron of "home deliveries" and I appreciate precisely because it was suggested to us with the intention of being our potential customers but as I said in private conversations, I repeat that I am not not at all convinced. Personally, I wish all the best to the restaurant colleagues who have found a chance of survival in the "delivery", but we are aware of how marginal and artificial this solution is for activities such as ours, starting from our physical location, as well as the objective impossibility to maintain the same quality / price ratio. Considering that there are activities organized in this sense, on the territory managed by very dynamic and capable friends and large national operators much more structured and efficient, we do not feel at all to compete in a field that has never been ours.

We have received and continue to receive from our admirers and customers, especially in private but also publicly, messages of solidarity and encouragement related to our business. Some of them consider places and services like ours, fundamental in the social and cultural fabric of unique places and with a strong rural and food and wine identity, as are Umbria and the Trevi area in particular.

For this reason, they have gone further.

Well, they have decided to make a concrete contribution in an attempt to give effective and material support to our business, in a situation that defining "difficult" is pure euphemism. They, to whom I extend all my esteem as well as a heartfelt thanks, have decided to book a lunch or dinner to be eaten starting from the first day of reopening of the Locanda Castellina.

This stimulated me an idea but aware of the large group of those who judge without knowing the actual reality of things, I really thought a lot, before making public the appeal that follows and - at a certain point - I thought it right to drop the mask without any shame, with head held high and above all without hypocrisy.

The idea is to make medium-long term bookings of lunches and dinners possible, for themselves or even as a gift to relatives and friends, at the Locanda Castellina, by making an advance payment.

We now need a gesture of trust and as you may have understood, it is certainly not a donation that is due to other urgencies and services, but a support that will be fully repaid by us. Anyhow. A kind of prepaid card.

This sort of "coupons" will be as valid forever, starting from the first day in which our restaurant will open again to you, our most welcome guests, before to be customers. We obviously hope that this will happen soon but objectively, the signals are not very encouraging and the institutional measures - just as objectively - are neither sufficient nor adequate for the expenses and duties that we still have monthly.

We are ready to resist but I am certainly not the type of rhetorical effect proclamations, without logic and foundation of the type: "we will make it at any cost" and so - honestly - there is unfortunately to be considered the worst of the hypothesis that is: if the forced stop were to last for an too long time and the provisions of the Institutions were not sufficient to cover the expenses that we must anyway incur, the Locanda Castellina could not reopen at all.

In this case, your eventual credits will be transformed into wine's purchase vouchers or will be fully refunded.

Well, I have no idea how some colleagues can react to this initiative of ours but we are in good faith and we also accept criticism and some laughter.

Anyone wishing more information on our initiative and on the practical procedures can use our message service in social pages or our direct email or telephone number: - +393664516958

Thanks again for your attention and support,

Massimiliano - Chef at Locanda Castellina










The receipt / invoice will be issued and sent within 48 hours from receipt of payment

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