Love for a land through the exaltation of a tradition..

Here kitchen and cellar are a cure by Massimiliano Buono. The Osteria "Castellina" was born from the desire to return to its origins after a half life spent in Rome. The origins because grandfather Antonio was born here, a Casco dell'Acqua in 1900 and because our whole family has always lived between Spoleto, Trevi and Foligno. Our gratitude goes to grandmother Laura (Liduina) and her incomparable cuisine and peasant culture, to our beloved aunts Giovanna, Fernanda and Maria for the recipes they taught us and for the beautiful summers passed through the unmistakable smell of bottled tomato , the grass harvested in the fields, the bread baked in the oven behind the house and the "cheerful" wine of grandfather Antonio and his brother Peppino who also distilled his homemade grappa.

To my mother Gioia who told me about her love for good food and for these flavors.

I dedicated some of our dishes to them, because it seems right.

Selected wines and beers, reinterpretation of typical Umbrian dishes and in particular of the Trevi, Spoleto and Clitunno areas, from appetizers to hand-drawn pasta, second and seasonal side dishes, meat, fish and desserts, all prepared with local products at zero km, with the addition of some Roman touches and some surprises outside the regional and national boundaries.

Enjoy your meal,

Massimiliano Buono